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Update Theme XML and Implementation


We need to revisit the theme.xml format and theming in general once we get a 0.1 release out. A redesign of the main icon window XAML may be in order to support the icon flows as envisioned, and that may have an impact on themes.
I've attached a sample XML file for discussion and modification.

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cyberknet wrote Jul 19, 2012 at 5:42 AM

I began updating the theme xml a little and have committed some of the work. I have created some new theme graphics to prove out some of the changes. Please note that all of my theme graphics are created from scratch, none are copied from any existing artwork, my PSPIMAGE sources are uploaded with the code. Please do not upload someone else's theme artwork - such as if you took a RocketDock theme and modified it to work with Bauble - which is totally possible, but not allowed as we can't guarantee we have rights to redistribute the work.

Feel free to upload other source file types (such as PSD) if that's the program you work with. I work in Paint Shop Pro XI, so I uploaded PSPIMAGE files.

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