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Which icons should be available upon initial launch?

Jul 11, 2012 at 1:03 AM

Have in mind these should be applications available on everyone's computer.


Here are my suggestions

  • Internet Explorer (FYI I would much rather have Chrome, but chances are not everyone has it)
  • Outlook 
  • Sticky Notes
  • Windows Explorer
  • Word
Jul 11, 2012 at 3:53 AM

Of those, I have Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. I kind of envisioned people would want to drag their own icons onto the dock to create their mix. A version 0.2 feature is to support dragging shortcuts onto the dock... perhaps we should move that up to a version 0.1 feature.

I think we need to create at least one more button type which would be a Settings/Configuration button. We would definitely place this icon on the dock by default, and I think we would make it a little less easy to remove. I would still want the Settings/Configuration to be reachable via the context menu so that even if you do remove it, you can still get to it.

The icons in the icons xml I checked in today had:

  • Calculator
  • Notepad
  • Sound Recorder
  • Wordpad
  • Command Prompt
  • Internet Explorer

This is more of a developer test sample though, and I didn't really see it as being the file that got distributed to end users.

One quick idea - we could do a little inspection either on first run, or as part of a custom setup action to interrogate whether a user has some common apps installed, and if so add them to the icon list.


Jul 11, 2012 at 4:19 AM

I like your idea about giving the user a choice when they start up the app for the first time to pick from icons. Maybe we can have it where it picks 20 of the icons they have on their desktop and allows them to select via checkboxes which once they want to display. 

As for the feature of adding icons with dragging. I think that's an essential feature. I started working on it today. I am at the point where I was able to get the path of the shortcut and the image.  Now I just have to figure out how to display the image and fine tune it, as well as add some validation. 

Do you have a version 0.1 release date in mind? 

Jul 11, 2012 at 8:31 PM

I saw a neat icon extraction implementation on codeproject - but the license (Code Project Open License) was incompatible with GPL v2 and v3. I emailed the author to ask for a license under GPL v2/3 or BSD... haven't heard back.

I don't have a v0.1 release date in mind - more of a "when our initial feature set makes this a usable (if not perfect) app". I tried to put all the remaining work items I knew of into the issue tracker, so if you think of anything that must be done that isn't in the issue tracker - or if you think a v0.2 feature needs to be a v0.1 feature then please feel free to update an existing issue or enter a new one.

I'm not the "I have to retain control" type of developer... and I really want to foster an open community development effort. I can't stress enough how great it has been for me to see you get involved :)