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Project Description
Bauble is a dock launcher written in C# utilizing WPF. As a launcher, it contains an animated list application icons, and will open their program on click.

Project Roots

RocketDock is an amazing piece of well written software. Unfortunately it is unsupported on Windows 7 64bit. Development has slowed to the point where it is reasonable to say there likely will not be another release for it in the near future, and many of the plugins written for it have significant bugs and are no longer supported by their authors.

Bauble attempts to be a functional replacement for RocketDock. There are many areas where Bauble does not meet this goal yet, but we are working to add features so that we can reach functional parity.


Bauble does not support RocketDock themes, but does provide a theming interface of its own. There are currently two themes:

Crystal Theme

Crystal 3D Theme

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